Center of Formation in Techni'ka CFTK Print

The Techni'ka and Karibbean Techniques Training Centre opened its doors in January 2010. The aim is to offer, for the first time in the French Caribbean, a dance vocational training course that has Techni'ka and Karibbean Techniques as a basic technique.

It is about training dance technicians as well as teachers and creative. The course and the center must be lived like training and reflexion spaces at the crossroads of cultures, where the student is a pupil, a creative, and researcher of his dance.

The vocational training lasts 2 years but the students can benefit from personalised sessions. It is aimed at professional dancers or in the process of professionalisation, wishing to acquire a technical and theoretical training in Caribbean dances: Techni'ka and karibbean dances (Haitian, Guyanese, from Martinique, Cuban…) while consolidating the assets in academic dances (ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary). It is a complete training which associates practical and theoretical teaching of dance with the discovery and the knowledge of the artistic medium in its unity. The students will be able to choose their area of expertise in the 2nd year: interpretation or teaching.

Techni'ka dance technical classes, academic dances, Caribbean dances , Technical Gwo-ka classes, history of academic dances, history and evolution of Gwo-ka, history of black dances and Caribbean dances, choreographic workshops, practical and theoretical pedagogy, music classes, anatomy, transverse competences: painting, theatre, video, cinema, photography…

1st year: Course starts on January 4, 2010

2ème year: Course starts on October 4, 2010