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Lénablou’s diverse and plural experiences nourished her inspiration and allow the emergence of a very personal style - the Techni'ka - anchored in the traditional and popular heritage of Guadeloupe - the Gwo-ka - and yet resolutely contemporary.



In 2005, she published the book Techni’ka at Jasor Publishing. Through this book, Lénablou takes on a research task to report of an intelligible grammar and of the contemporary character of traditional dance in Guadeloupe. It is also an activist approach to give rise to the whole Caribbean heritage.




In February 2007, she continues to expand her exploration fields by crossing her writings with directors Sylvaine Dampierre for her documentary "Le pays à l’envers" that received the Patrimoine de L’Immatériel award at the 31st Festival du Cinéma Réel and Laurence Rugard for her film "La Techni'ka" who got the Guadeloupe prize in the Caribbean Cinema Festival in Saint-Barth. In May, she is invited with her musicians by choreographer Germaine Acogny at the African and Diaspora choreographers Meetings in Senegal. She is also invited by choreographer Jean-Guy Saintus of Ayikodanse Co in Haiti and Norma Claire from the Anti-Pôdes Co in Guyana. In August, she co-directs, "Le Corps miroir du Temps" workshops with choreographer Jean-Guy Saintus as part of Caraibes en Création in collaboration with Culture France. In December, the French Embassy in Niger invites her for an expertise mission on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




Known for her years of research and promotion of Gwo-ka culture, the choreographer Lénablou is appointed Chevalier de l’Ordre de la Légion d'honneur in November 2008. A distinction rewarding the work she has done throughout her career.