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An aesthetic adventure, innovative, formative and creative which concerns the horizontality and the verticality of gesture.


After more than 15 years of research, Lénablou helped a Caribbean contemporary dance emerge, resulting from the Guadeloupian popular tradition: Techni'ka.


Techni'ka is a dance primarily based on the mobilisation of the lower part of the body, due to a fast transfer of all the floor contacts of the foot: heel, toes, sole of the foot, external and internal edges (known as Kanté) and on the exacerbated use of the body and rhythmic off beats.

Gwo-ka offers to the Techni'ka dancer a field of musical exploration, from an unexploited authentic repertory, which opens some fluctuating “body states” and countless creation, composition, choreographic workshop possibilities.

Video Techni'ka produced by Laurence Rugard:



The identity of Techni' ka appears through several particularities:


  • Rhythmic work

This work is a fundamental technical tool necessary to approach Techni'ka. The control of the musical codes facilitates and initiates the physical approach, thanks to a work of listening, impregnation, reproduction and composition of the sound environment.




  • Work of the lower limbs

The lower limbs represent the axiom of Techni'ka dance, because they constitute the spinal column of the dance as an engine of the movement.



  • Work on posture Ka

The posture-ka is the positioning of the higher part of the body which can either be closed or opened, depending on the lower part body.



  • Work on body grammar

The seven dances of Gwo-ka constitute an unsuspected field of exploration for contemporary creation. Initiate oneself to this new gestural repertory offers the dancers a new body composition which under a type of hybridisation, of juxtaposition, accumulation, interbreeding of the seven dances of Gwo-ka, gives a field of possible for the act of creation.














  • Work of the bigidi

The concept of the Bigidi exceed pure gestic because it indicates a life philosophy, that of the art of adaptation. The Techni'ka dance translates this ideology, on the musical level as well as on a gestural level. It is a constant dialogue between the dancer and the drummer where one plays of the other to try to put him in imbalance. This body, space, time Bigidi is compressed in a single code: extremely fugitive lapse of time to deliver the nuances of the dance, which all in all comes to consolidate the concept of Bigidi.