The Techni'ka Book Print

Research on the emergence of a teaching method from the Gwo-ka dances

Editions Jasor - 2005

Cover: George Rovelas

Illustrations: Marie-Jose Philétas

Preface: Jean-Claude Gallotta

This work was carried out with the assistance of the Regional Council of Guadeloupe




… She danced Woulè, Padjembèl, Kaladja, Toumblak, Graj, Léwòz as it had been passed onto her… The Gwo-ka threshold had been crossed, the dance enabled her to push the door of technique… But her body refused the idea of rejecting a style for another…



Through this book, Lénablou takes on a researcher’s role to give account of an understandable grammar and of the contemporary nature Guadeloupian’s traditional dance. It is also a militant walk for the revalorisation of this Caribbean heritage overall.


With this complex dialectical criss-cross between the search of oneself: Gwo -k, the technique, the theory and its various influences, Lénablou answers Techni'ka ; result of its choreographic exploration and research task at the centre of Guadeloupian culture. Legacy with which she weaves an intuitive and significant bond, almost intimate, draft of this Creole ingeniousness.


Transcending her role of artist, of dancer and choreographer, Lénablou with her Techni'ka book established a new base which more than ever takes part in the construction of this Caribbean space being. This is new unfailing fragment of her philosophy where this time, the pun replaces the body and gesture game in order to leave strong trails and bring an academic anchor to the nourished reflexion supported by the Gwo-ka matrix.


Through creation, formation, transmission, research, all these variations or multiple facets of the dance oblige Lénablou to push the limits of pure passion to drop a scientific glance, inquisitor and relevant who aims to be methodological and academic. Like a ray of light on the path of the questioning on the possible of Gwo-ka.


It is no longer simply about creating, dancing or teaching but defending and asserting this identity, this territory to the world.